Fenced In fencing provides extremely effective and cost-competitive fencing and security-related solutions to clients in the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

In striving to be the preferred South African fencing and security-related solutions provider, Fenced In relies heavily on:

the qualifications and experience of its board of directors and project managers – ranging from long-standing experience in security management and monitoring, and installation of fencing and CCTV, to construction.

its offering of tailor-made solutions to all sectors across South Africa. This enables clients to derive optimal benefit of the required fencing and/or other security-related solutions.

its good relationships with reputable suppliers. These affiliations ensure access to reasonably-priced, high-quality products and components, which is key to delivering superior, cost-efficient fencing and security-related solutions.

the ability to provide solutions time-efficiently.

its suitably-qualified, dedicated installation, maintenance and support teams.

its proudly South African B-BBEE Level 2 status.