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To ensure that Fenced In fencing (Pty) Ltd maintains its existing client relationships, while it continues to grow its client base across both the public and private sectors of South Africa, and implement first-rate quality fencing and other security-related solutions nationwide.

To nurture its close relationship with its suppliers, thereby ensuring that the fencing and other security-related solutions offered and implemented by Fenced In remain cost-competitive and superior to its competitors.

To uphold its proudly South African B-BBEE level 2 status.


To be the choice provider of superior, tailor-made and innovative fencing and security-related solutions which improve not only the safety of property and life, but also impact positively on the local communities from which Fenced In employees hail.


Fenced In is a black-owned company which offers security solutions, with emphasis on fencing and closed-circuit television solutions.

Fenced In was founded by its current directors – Danie de Villiers and Gregory de Villiers – in response to an increased demand for cost-competitive fencing and other security-related solutions in South Africa.

Collectively, the board and managers of Fenced In have a thorough understanding and extensive experience in the security and fence construction industries; and qualifications in various industries – including business management, accounting, law, security and fence installations, security risk assessments and guard-monitoring. It is these skill-sets which enable Fenced In to offer steadfast security solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Fenced In has recently joined the Imbhizo group of companies. This assists Fenced In in expanding its reach and empowering local communities.


Company Registration No. 2017/008144/07

BEE Level 2

Fenced In falls under the auspices of the CIDB, ISO, PSIRA and SAIDSA; and operates in compliance with IS0 9001 2015 and ISO 14001. In addition, Fenced In abides by all relevant laws, regulations and by-laws with emphasis on health, safety and environmental authority.


Fenced In is able to implement its fencing and other security-related solutions in respect of almost any location within South Africa, out of its head office and agents’ offices – located in all the major metropolitan areas.

Head Office

2nd Floor, 1B Stewart Drive, Berea, East London, 5241

Tel: 043 721 0888

Fax: 086 601 4488

Email: info@fencedin.co.za

Website: www.fencedin.co.za


Fenced In offers extremely effective and cost-competitive fencing and security-related solutions to the South African commercial, industrial and residential markets.

By relying on the expertise of its range of in-house specialists, Fenced In is able to design tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of any player in the commercial, industrial or residential field. These client-specific requirements may include a solution to potential threats to property, assets or life; a crime-deterrent; peace of mind; reinforcement of existing safety measures; an effective means by which to prevent the loss or escape of property or persons; and/or the monitoring of access to and egress from properties, sites or areas.

The process of advising on and implementing security solutions is site-specific, systematic and swift, which affords Fenced In an advantage over competitors which either offer generic solutions or rely on drawn-out processes.

The implementation of security services is complemented by dedicated support and maintenance on offer to Fenced In clients. This ensures that the integrity of security measures is maintained, and enables clients to raise any queries and/or discuss any concerns with suitably qualified in-house support.

In striving to be the preferred solutions provider in the industry, Fenced In security solutions are extremely cost-competitive given its stringent selection of suppliers – reputable suppliers, offering reasonably priced, high quality products.

It is evident that Fenced In composite security solutions can meet almost any security need in a cost- and time-efficient manner. It is for these reasons that Fenced In Security Solutions is a first-choice security solutions provider to all sectors of the South African market.


Fenced In is a proudly South African, black-owned entity. It is the proud holder of a level 2 B-BBEE certificate.

From a compliance perspective, Fenced In observes and endeavours to abide by the Codes of Good Practice, issued in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 53 of 2003. Otherwise, where possible, Fenced In focuses on BEE with emphasis on BEE procurement, skills development and social responsibility.


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