About Fenced In

Fenced In fencing is a proudly South African black-owned company which offers first-rate quality fencing and security-related solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Fenced In was founded by its current directors in reaction to a surge in demand for cost-competitive fencing and other security-related solutions in South Africa. The directors have in-depth experience in the spheres of security management, monitoring and installation – both fencing and CCTV – and construction which guarantees that a superior, cost-efficient solution is provided to each of its clients.

Since its first fencing installation in Gauteng, Fenced In has spread its business footprint to all the major metropolitan areas in the country, servicing clients out of its head office and agents’ offices.

The solutions on offer by Fenced In include the installation of panel system fencing; diamond mesh fencing; field fencing; wire netting; piggyback electric fencing; high security mesh fencing; welded mesh fencing; stock fencing; palisade fencing; game fencing; and electrified palisade fencing.

In addition to fencing installations, Fenced In offers fence tamper detection, maintenance and off-site monitoring services; and has recently extended its operations to include CCTV installation and monitoring from its 24-hour support centre, as well as electronic visitor identification and biometric access control.

Fenced In commitment to quality and service excellence ensures its position as a leader in the fencing and security solutions industries.

The company forms part of the Imbhizo group of companies, and is proud to be associated with entities offering superior quality solutions and services, with similar empowerment objectives and ownership structures.